A Jolly Good Fellow: Final Episode

Officer Theo is quite convinced now by the confessional statement of the duo. He is certain of the culprits and whom exactly to charge to court. The only challenge now is on what exactly to charge them for. If Dewale’s story is true, it means Motara was never raped. Hence; Dewale killed her out of rage contrary to what Bayo's plan was for her.

A Jolly Good Fellow: Episode 19

A Jolly Good Fellow

Officer Titus is confused as a soul ladened with trouble that will not depart. He ran towards the window to check outside. But there was no sign of anyone. There was also no possible exit route out of the building except of course the fence which appears too tall for someone as feeble as Dewale to scale. After evaluating all the possibilities, he ran out of the ward towards the reception to raised the alarm.

New Year Specials: Poverty Alleviation and Good Education will End Terrorism– Atiku

In his New Year message on Tuesday, the elder statesman observed that the rate of insecurity would reduce in the country if poverty was addressed, with a special focus on the war against insurgency in the North East.

“The problems of extreme poverty and scant investments in education play huge roles in fuelling the problems of violent extremism that we spent the past decade contending with.