On this season of the chronicles [see previous series here], we shall learn (in three extra series) more about the events that led to our independence from the time of the amalgamation in 1914. How did the Yoruba react to the indirect rule system? How true was the fact that the Igbos were never ruled with the indirect rule system? Some said the system never failed in the North.


NPFL Update: All 20 Clubs Agree To Terminate 2018 Season.

The League Management Company (LMC) has confirmed that it has agreed with the 20 clubs involved to declare Lobi Stars winner of the 2017/2018 Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) season.   This decision was reached following an emergency meeting in Abuja, in order to meet up with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) October 15 … Continue reading NPFL Update: All 20 Clubs Agree To Terminate 2018 Season.

Democracy Day Special: What is The Nigerian Dream?

On Saturday, 29th May (1999), new democratically elected governments were inaugurated in Abuja as well as the established 36 states of the federation. This marked an end to the well over 15 years of continuous military rule from 1985-1999. The structure was a presidential system comprising of an executive president and 36 state governors. Also … Continue reading Democracy Day Special: What is The Nigerian Dream?

Things You Should Know: The 4th Republic Executive State Governors As Inaugurated In 1993.

State               Governors names                          senate       reps   H/Ass    LG councilors. Abia                 Dr. Uzor Orji Kalu                                3          8          24        17 Adamawa        Mr. Bonie Haruna                              3          8          25        21 Akwa-Ibom      Obong Victor Attah                            3          10        26        31 Anambra         Mr. Peter Obi.                                        3          11        30        21 Bauchi               Alhaji Adamu … Continue reading Things You Should Know: The 4th Republic Executive State Governors As Inaugurated In 1993.

Should BBNAIJA Voting Be A Criterion for Measuring the Laziness of The Nigerian Youth?

The controversial Big Brother Naija (season 3) ended days ago after claiming to have recorded a huge success with about 170million votes gathered within a timeframe of 85 days. The euphoria is still on however. Concerned Nigerians have been sending celebration and commiserating messages to the winner and other housemates. In the light of these, some calculative persons have also decided to steal the moment as an avenue to buttress the misguided of remark of ‘laziness’ about the Nigerian youth only some days back. Should this be a criteria to measure laziness? Read more...

How Yoruba Has Grown to Be The Most Preferred Language of Socialisation In Nigeria II.

According to Dell Hymes, the sociology of language X-rays the relationship between language and the society. This connotes a thorough analysis of the various social factors and variables that could play roles in determining such status. Such variables vary in culture, social class and interactions. His principle, ethnography of SPEAKING, has been a common model for studying and analyzing. SPEAKING in stands for unique factors such as Settings, Participants, Ends, Act sequence, Key, Instrument, Norms and Genre that should be carefully observed before reaching scientific conclusion about the status of languages in a Speech community. Speech community, according to Olaoye (2007), is...