The Glory Hunters. –Ola-lawal Muzzamil

THE GLORY HUNTERS. Let's go on a ride: Leave your lacadaisies behind. There are no seats for laggards. Like Laagers; We forge ahead conservatively liberal.


The SIN-City

The society is now crazy. If you must survive, prepare for the hunger games. Get on or Get lost! For it will get breezy soon. Looming near is the thunder strikes. Like the dance of the children in the rain, We enjoy immorality with joy and pride. For the saints; There is no place to … Continue reading The SIN-City

Before You Make That Judgement…

  Every discourse as two sides. Have you any experience? Assumption is but the begining of ignorance. If indeed you are learned, Exhaust your knowlege judiciously. For he that judges without hearing both sides, Is but an experienced mischief maker. Every idiot is entitled to an opinion. Have you no reasoning? Sentiments are more deadlier … Continue reading Before You Make That Judgement…

To Lead is to Conquer… (a poem).

To lead is to conquer; Verily, the Masters are Doctoring the philosophy. So firm they stand their reign. Their crafty-trickish spears spare no one. Sadly, the quest to conquer Have misplaced their desire to lead. In the lead to conquer, They were favored by your manipulative thumbs. Those favors have indexed them into various positions … Continue reading To Lead is to Conquer… (a poem).