POGSASS Holds her Annual Personality Lectures; Honours Gbemi Saraki

The Postgraduate Students Association (POGSASS), Unilorin held her annual Personality Lecture at the University of Ilorin Main Auditorium on the 7th day of February, 2020. The event is targeted at rewarding important personalities who have contributed to the development of Humanities either through Research or Humanitarian services alike.

Feature: POGSASS Holds Orientation/Interactive Session for Postgraduate Students

The Postgraduate Students Association (POGSASS) on the 3rd December, 2019 held her Orientation Program/Interactive Session at the University Main Auditorium. The Program was organized to sensitise and inform the new intakes on the regulations and the activities of the University of Ilorin Postgraduate School in general.

Fiction: A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 7)

A Jolly Good Fellow

Bolaji has finally been arraigned before a judge who looks very mean and determined to send him to jail. Every evidence tendered before the court indicted him. His clueless lawyer could not even help him. In the words of the judge, “Mr. Bolaji is now sentenced to death having been found guilty of the offence of murder”. The courtroom lost order and his well wishers kept screaming his name: “Bolaji! Bolaji!! Booolaaajiii!!!” while the Police officers whisked him away into the black maria van. He resisted movement and tried to be smart but the heavy slap that landed on his cheek did not only dilute his turbulence, but also sent him back to...

Fiction:A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 4)

A Jolly Good Fellow

The day was already trouble-filled; from the hospital down to the hostel. And then to crown it up, was the police drama. Shola, Bayo and Kunle were tired and hoping it wont get any worse when they get to the police station. Ofcourse, they believe it was definitely a wrong arrest. The police sucks at … Continue reading Fiction:A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 4)

Fiction: A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 2)

Bolaji has just recovered from a serious attack. He was rushed into this hospital by his gyrating friends at the party some days ago. He was soaked in blood and fully unconscious. It happened that some notorious gang attacked and stole every of the valuables on him when he went out to receive Motara's call. They left him for dead that night. This had left him unconscious for a while now and everyone has been hoping to see him alive again.

Feature: Ekiti State to Get Its Youngest Candidate Ever as JAFF Declares.

Towards the birth of a new Ekiti, there arise a new entrant into the political atmosphere with a positive chant for a Novel beginning. Ekiti state so far still seem to be lagging among peers and thus needs a meritorious revolution. True power must return to the masses. It is in this light that a … Continue reading Feature: Ekiti State to Get Its Youngest Candidate Ever as JAFF Declares.