Fiction: A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 6)

Meanwhile, Officer Titus and Officer James sequel to Officer Theo’s order are back to the vicinity where the body was found, hoping to get some information that would foster the progress of the case. They were casually dressed in mufti to avoid being suspected. Their disguise helps them gist freely with residents like busy bodies constituting nuisance to every discussion they encounter just to get the information they need. They soon found themselves in a newspaper joint. 


Fiction: A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 5).

Back inside the interrogation room. For the second time on the same day, Bolaji had had enough from the police. He kept on denying knowing anyone with the name Motara Bilebada and can’t remember having any platonic relationship with her. He begged to go home and relax, the headache is setting in again, but Officer Theo was no longer interested.

Fiction:A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 4)

The day was already trouble-filled; from the hospital down to the hostel. And then to crown it up, was the police drama. Shola, Bayo and Kunle were tired and hoping it wont get any worse when they get to the police station. Ofcourse, they believe it was definitely a wrong arrest. The police sucks at … Continue reading Fiction:A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 4)

Fiction: A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 2)

Bolaji has just recovered from a serious attack. He was rushed into this hospital by his gyrating friends at the party some days ago. He was soaked in blood and fully unconscious. It happened that some notorious gang attacked and stole every of the valuables on him when he went out to receive Motara's call. They left him for dead that night. This had left him unconscious for a while now and everyone has been hoping to see him alive again.

Fiction: A Jolly Good Fellow.

Bolaji, a locally brought up Yoruba boy, sat around the same table with his friends, laughing sheepishly although forcefully at the gyrations of his friends. All of whom were high on the varieties of alcohol they had variously ordered. Dotun, however was an exception in the gyrating crew. He, although not that drunk today, does not have to be drunk before he gets high. It is easier to mistake him for a drunkard with his exaggerated displays.

Feature: Youth in Politics; Nelson Gandafa for Chairman in Adamawa State

Gandafa Nelson is an identified young man with vision for change. He has identified the problems and challenges facing his immediate community and is also ready to serve. Comrade Nelson Gandafa, hails from Mubi, Adamawa state. Like the regular saying about how great things starts small, He is contesting for the office of Chairman of Mubi North Local Government Area in Adamawa state.