Muzzammilwrites is an initiative of creative minds. it is desigbed to cater basically for three notions;

I. Empower: a Non Governmental Organisation is designed out of this initiative to address the salient issue of empowerment within the country. As part of the plan, the NGO shall continue to build the community’s Human Capital by creating avenues for skill and entrepreneurship development.

II. Inform: steadily, this platform (muzzammilwrites.wordpress.com) will be used to disseminate important information ranging from Politics, Sports, Education, Community Development to Important News and Updates accross the Nation. This will keep the Society more informed and equipped.

III. Create and Support: to achieve all this, the NGO is ready to help create and support productive proposals towards the development of the Society.

Muzzammilwrites Initiative sits on the Principles and tenet of Humanitarianism, Charity and Productivity. Come join us today!

For adverts and publicity, reach us via:

  • +2348188467782 {whatsapp allowed}
  • +2348079963060

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