Limitless: Transcend Your Disability

Just as it is difficult to read our children’s minds, we can only imagine what goes through their mind. If we could, I’m sure there would be many surprises to unfold. Speaking with the Helpers in their community made us more informed about understanding the visually impaired. Understanding the blinds and the visually impaired require special skills and orientation. Moreover, there are some basic tips and knowledge that could help us understanding them better.

The experience as a blind adult could be quite different from that of a child. A child born blind would not know what it feels like to see. Until he or she is old enough to begin to understand how other people do things, blindness seems normal. Therefore, a small child will not feel bad about blindness until someone teaches him or her (directly or indirectly) to feel bad. More reason why we need to show love and care to them. They will grow to understand the kind of message we pass. Blindness is something we explain little by little as a child progresses toward school. Because nobody knows when a blind child really understands what blindness is, it should be discussed in a positive manner. Anything associated with blindness should also be approached positively to avoid killing their self-esteem.

The best way to pass this message is through proper education. While Speaking and Listening wouldn’t be a challenge going through this phase, the blinds and visually impaired are already at a disadvantaged learning through the other two skills due to lack of sight; Reading and Writing. However, it shouldn’t debar them from attaining personal goals and development. For this reason, a proper improvisation technique has been adopted in training through reading and writing. Learning to use a white cane or being able to read Braille can be an opportunity and a privilege, not a last resort. The white cane is a unique staff used to walk and navigate paths while walking.

The Braille is a tactile reading and writing material used by blind and visually impaired people. A braille frame helps the visually challenged write through punctured writing slates in trained styles and methods. It uses raised dots to represent the letters of the print alphabet. It also includes symbols to represent punctuation, mathematics, scientific characters and computer notation. Their inability to access printing materials should not stop them from being educated. These positive approaches convey the attitude to make them feel part of the society. It passes the message that It’s okay to be blind. Impairment isn’t a curse.

A blind eyes is not a blind mind. Make them see beyond by providing learning materials. You must have heard statistics about how much of visual any learning process is. These are often used to justify the fact that blind children don’t learn as much or as fast as other children do. But this can’t be completely true. It is not even advisable to group visually impaired students with the other students. There are many alternative techniques that are available to teach and train blind children. That is why special schools have been created to take cater for these special needs.

Moreover, it is one thing to have these special schools running. It is another to ensure that they have all the needed basic materials to run properly. There are many established Schools of the Blind across the country in public and private capacity. EFFH carried out a survey have noticed the lack of some basic items in some of these schools. Hence, we are embarking on a humanitarian mission to provide these materials.

The Foundation wishes to provide the rhythm and the melody for us all to march forward together to change public attitudes towards blindness. We have a young, energetic members ready to lead this mission. The Visually impaired/blind children should not be neglected. They also deserve proper learning and care. They can grow to become great in life. We have blind people who have grown to become good instrumentalists, journalists etc. The society should create enabling society.

That is why we need your support to move this train. Join us today as we impact more lives. We must all play a part to make this work. A wise one once said that there is no better way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark. And remember, you have not lived a life worth living until you have done something for someone who can’t repay you.

When these children become great in future, we will be proud to have played a leading part. This is what we hope and plan for the children and this is what they dream. We must do what we can to facilitate their dreams. We are, and we will continue to do so. This is part of our goal today.

Ola-lawal, M.D.

For Eagles Foundation for Humanity,


pls., i will sincerely appreciated your views about the above excerpt in the comment box below.

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