Features: EFFH Celebrates at 5

Today, Eagles Foundation for Humanity is 5 years old! 5 big years!! Just like yesterday, I decided to follow my father’s footsteps in a more organized way with the creation of an NGO. I got tired of writing articles criticizing the govt without been exemplary.

Once, my friend asked me to give an account of my monthly expenses and all I could remember were spendings and charities for my kiths, kins and strangers. Well, givers never lack; that’s why I have the Yahya Igbonla Blood running through me.

It’s been 5 years of achievements, lessons and pure blessings from Allah. As I clock 25 in 2 days; I am very proud of how high EFFH has flown. Even though we are still babies trying to find our way in life, we have continued to stay true to our name “EAGLES”.

I must confess, it hasn’t been easy. From having to put my foot firmly and strongly to hold steady the administrative wheels far away from hyenas; to raising funds for projects; to paddling with focus over a hundred and fifty amazing volunteers for one purpose – Service to God and Humanity.

I won’t list out our achievements but I will continue to say THANK YOU to everyone who saw the birth of EFFH and helped us to crawl; THANK YOU to everyone who saw our staggering baby steps and gave us support. THANK YOU to everyone who helped our wings to soar in the storm and under the sun; THANK YOU to my amazing mentor for teaching me how to be a strong woman; THANK YOU to my family and my dearly beloved soulmate. THANK YOU to Allah for HIS mercies in our lives.
— 5 years of unwavering service to God and Humanity

–5 years of soaring under the wings of humanity with 153 vibrant volunteers and presence in 6 states in Nigeria”

“5 years of genuinely serving humanity and improving lives through the provision of educational aids, healthcare amenities, initiatives aimed at alleviating poverty, capacity building, amongst others”.

EFFH at 5: Mini Documentary

Happy Anniversary!

Anifowoshe Titilope LegalEagle

CEO; Eagles Foundation for Humanity (EFFH)

Eagles Foundation for Humanity (EFFH)

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