Pidgin as a National Language: Yes or No

Before we initiate a debate on whether or not the Nigerian Pidgin is standard for selection to become one of Nigeria’s National language, we need to at least understand what ‘pidgin’ means. Pidgin is a hybrid version of a particular language that came into use basically for simple communication between a speakers of two distinct languages as a result of an urgent contact (mostly business). In this case, the pidgin is picked up by the indegenes to communicate with the foreigners or their colonialists.

Covid-19: NFF, CAF and FIFA to Decide NPFL Season — LMC

On Thursday 23rd April, administrators of the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) clubs held a meeting with the leadership of the League Management Company (LMC) through digital video conferencing. The meeting was to decide the way forward for the currently suspended 2020 season. With varying options available so far and also judging and relying on the best practices, the administrators are meant to come up with a concrete plan to salvage the situation. Simultaneously, Football Leagues across the world are facing the same challenge as a result of the novel Coronavirus Pandemic. It has therefore became necessary for every league to deduce a homegrown solution to the situation.