Feature: Ekiti State to Get Its Youngest Candidate Ever as JAFF Declares.

Towards the birth of a new Ekiti, there arise a new entrant into the political atmosphere with a positive chant for a Novel beginning.

John Ayokunle Funsho Falodun

Ekiti state so far still seem to be lagging among peers and thus needs a meritorious revolution. True power must return to the masses. It is in this light that a very passionate young man with the right answers, John Ayokunle Funsho Falodun popularly known as JAFF, has decided to run for an elective office in the state.

He is a very smart and active youth that hails from the state capital (Ado) and has immensely contributed with every opportuned resource he’s gotten so far to the development of his immediate community. However, to further contribute to the progress of humanitarianism in relation to policy making, he has decided to run for a seat in the Ekiti state House of Assembly (EKHA) representing Ado Constituency II come 2019 Elections.

Below is a detailed copy of his official declaration statement:

JAFF Declares to Represent Ado Constituency II at the Ekiti State House of Assembly ahead of 2019 GENERAL Election. (25/10/2018)

“My aspiration is not borne out of desperation, but a way of representing the masses and be a voice for the voiceless.”

To start with, let me use this medium to appreciate every critical thinker and progressive minded persons who has stood their grounds to fight for the truth; truly, there is no better reward for this than a brighter future, and together we shall make it happen. What we seek – way forward – is no longer a mirage; the best is here with us.

John Ayokunle Funsho Falodun

On this note, I (John Ayokunle Funso Falodun Pka Hon. Jaff) having learnt, understood and willing to change the face of politics in Ekiti and Nigeria at large, hereby offer myself as a tool for this collective vision. You can be assured of a quality representation because JAFF has your wants covered. I have seen the need, identified the problems and my sleeves are rolled up because the ideas are burning in me to fill the lacuna.

I’m a young, agile and progressive humanitarian with a touch of class and these I believe will help me as I aspire for a seat in the Ekiti state House of Assembly during the general elections in 2019. With your usual support and upliftment, victory is certain; together we can, together we can flock out all corrupt politicians in our system one after the other- I strongly believe together we will make it.

So many have asked which political party will flag my candidacy, judging by the crops of selfish parties out there, will JAFF join them? Well, after long consultations and considerations, JAFF has put chosen the very one that would accommodate and support the Youth Candidacy. A party that has at the center of the plans the will of the people.

JAFF Representing I.D party.

On this day 25th October 2018 which coincides with my birthdate, I officially declare to represent the good people of Ado constituency 2 come 2019 under INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATS (I. D) party.

At I.D, we are on a mission to challenge the existing order and make the required amendment. We have made attempts during the last Ekiti gubernatorial election and we’ve seen how the electioneering process is, but we are not scared; rather, we are to ready to bridge the gap and see where we as youths can come in to effect the change required for a better sane society for all.

Since we’ve been able to identify the problems, let’s all put heads together and profer solutions; not because of ourselves but for the coming generations. See it basically as a struggle and not the usual politics of the day; its fight for freedom and not a way of enriching personal pockets. Let’s break from the bad norms.

Support JAFF

I, John Falodun Ayokunle is offering myself as a servant to my people and I’m ready to serve them with sincerity. I have made my intentions known and I won’t go back on that no matter the challenge. It is time to support one of our own, who is vibrant, willing and ready to truly lead us out of political slavery.

Pray, canvass, mobilise and plan to Support the truth.

Support a better future.
Support John Ayokunle Funso Falodun (Ado Ward 8. Constituency 2).

My Win is Our Win



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Collected and Edited by Ola-lawal M.D.

For Muzzammilwrites.


pls., i will sincerely appreciated your views about the above excerpt in the comment box below.

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