Independence Day Specials: The Chronicles of the British Expedition in Nigeria (IV)


In the previous posts on the series of this chronicles, we have learnt (contrary to the acclaimed falsehood) that:

  • Nigeria already had her story (records) before the arrival of the Briton.
  • There were in existence different traditional administrations with great followership before the arrival of the Foreigners.
  • Africa had her unique culture and values.

Although these din’t come without internal conflicts, war and disputes relating to land, trade, and dynastic rivalry. The British, thus came as a mediator in the midst of those challenges. These, the British government, rode on until colonialisation and beyond.

Because the whites were seen as superiors and more powerful, the sentiments together with some other factors made the traditionalist gave in with little or no resistance.

Read about different Tribes and Culture in Nigeria here.

All said and done. We are here now as the giants that we are. Although our values have changed; the traditional set ups and norms are weakened. And we have all embraced the ‘black suit and tie’. That this evolution is a good or bad one is a subject for another day.

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On this season of the chronicles, we shall learn (in three extra series) more about the events that led to our independence from the time of the amalgamation in 1914. How did the Yoruba react to the indirect rule system? How true was the fact that the Igbos were never ruled with the indirect rule system? Some said the system never failed in the North. Well, come along! Let’s learn about our country called Nigeria.


Don’t enjoy this alone. Invite and refer your friends and loved ones to this page and lets learn together. Did you miss previous series, worry not; refresh your memory here and prepare for more scintillating episodes.

We shall formally kick-off with a concise lead into NIGERIA AT THE EVE OF AMALGAMATION. Happy Independence Day in advance.

Ola-lawal M.D.

For Muzzammilwrites.


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