Should BBNAIJA Voting Be A Criterion for Measuring the Laziness of The Nigerian Youth?


The controversial Big Brother Naija (season 3) ended days ago after claiming to have recorded a huge success with about 170million votes gathered within a timeframe of 85 days. The euphoria is still on however. Concerned Nigerians have been sending celebration and commiserating messages to the winner and other housemates. In the light of these, some calculative persons have decided to steal the moment as an avenue to buttress the misguided of remark of ‘laziness’ about the Nigerian youth only some days back.

Well, for the record, I think the ‘president’s loyalists’ are doing a great job of defense already. But before you conclude, I’d also like to expose their faults based on one or two. Let me start by saying (with no fear of guilt) that I followed the famous reality TV show this season from start till finish. In fact, I had my favorite –LOLU: though he dint make it to the finals, I am proud of him.

The fact that I followed this show did not make me lazy. I have a time wrecking job that warrants that I leave my house as early as 7am and return as late as 8pm every weekdays. Bbnaija did not stop me from attending o. I never missed work except on public holidays (Easter holz to be precise). And I similarly want to believe this to be the story of many others.

Secondly, the organisers of the bbnaija show through Ebuka (the host) indeed publicly proclaimed on the final day #bbnaijafinale, just before announcing the winner, that a total number of 170million votes were received this season. They never mentioned the actual amount of money realized o. but because majority of us are brained enough to have dusted our O’ level mathematics with ease, we decide to put a figure: 170million x 30 naira gave us 5.1 billion naira. Lol.

But little did our mathematicians realized in time that this season took a different style of voting. Not just were 30 naira text messages allowed, but also free online voting. Categorically, I can say that the online voting accounted for a large chunk of the total votes. That being said, I will enjoin those of us with the ’30 naira x 170million’ mind set to rethink our formula.

And before you start crucifying us for spending our 30-30 nairas to entertain ourselves, I will implore you to join me do this small calculation:

According to the president, the youth accounts for 60% of the 180 million total population. If this is true, this makes 108 million of us. Let’s then assume that about 50million (I know we are much) youths are football lovers. So an average football lover will watch at least 5 games before the week runs out from EPL to La liga, to UCL. If each game costs at least 100 naira at the viewing centers across the country, this means that he/she spends nothing less than 500 naira to get entertained weekly.

Now let’s do the math’s: at least 500 naira x 52 weeks equals at least 26000 naira. At least 26,000 naira x at least 50 million youths gives us a whooping 13billion naira in one year. But by this standard, no one calls us lazy. Until we spend 30 naira entertaining ourselves on bbnaija, (ok) let’s stop been satirical. To even think of the so called 170million votes dint come from Nigerians alone. The voting transcended our borders till south Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana and other countries in Africa. But Nigerians are still the ones to blame for the whooping figure. My brother, the 30naiar x 170million issa wrong calculation. Try something else.

Let me even burst your faromeh even more. Beyond the entertainment and competition, for the housemates, the platform was but a cool investment avenue than just a game. If you would notice Big brother won’t cast a ‘lazy’ housemate. Every housemate are one way other made men in search of fame. In essence, the housemates are real time hustlers that have crossed and dotted all their ‘T’ and ‘I’ before entering the bb house.

They already have sizeable members on their strategic teams (turn fan base). I am very sure they have fortified this fan base with enough cash to pump in the votes even before they got into the house. Therefore, majority of the votes you see or hear casted are directly or indirectly coming from them still. It is simply a campaign. Just like our football tournament: you spend money to get more money in return. I’m sure you got that. But na our small-small 30-30 naira loyalty votes na him una dey see calculate ehn?

IMG_20180403_065153Still talking about laziness and idleness. Do you know the number of people that have through big brother ‘lowkeyly’ marketed their brand? If you doubt me, ask the social media influencers and marketers. They will tell you how they have seized this opportunity to make more sales. That you dint make use of the chance is not enough reason for you to ridicule those that did. Think?

And by the way, do not compare the outcome of this voting to our general elections. It is what it is. They are different ball games. Nigerians will vote for whom they like when the time is right. For those that will also want to ask me what the moral behind voting someone to win 45million while I watch. Kindly come with explanations on why you will pay 500 weekly to watch Ronaldo or Messi win Ballon d’or at the long run. We are all enjoying our money.

I know you have reservations about how the show should be run. So do I. But the show is rated 18+ and there is limit to what we can do at the moment. But we shouldn’t then transfer that aggression to the innocent voters. Therefore, in conclusion, I don’t think bbnaija voting should be a criterion to measure the idleness or laziness of Nigerian youth.

Thank you.

Written and Published on muzzammilwrites.



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