Towards The 2018 Gubernatorial Election: Which Way (Ekiti state)? — JAFF

I love my state and I believe it’s high time we rescued Ekiti from a designed mission of vengeful cruelty. For the past 8years, the state has been grounded on a spot without something impactful to show.

Like Buhari, our dear governor keeps running from his promises. In truth, what sense does it make shielding yourself away from the cries you rode to power? The times of boli and roasted corns by the road side joints were only fake. Just like some others, you left the masses hanging with the Loads of Promises unfulfilled.

As a matter of significance, the people are disappointed in what you claimed to represent. Why leave the masses you claimed to Protect and represent in Abject Poverty after getting their Mandates? Why?

We all thought you would be different. We thought we found a messiah. May be we were too fast to make our decisions. But at least, we demand some sympathy. Why not have Pity on the People who showed you Love by taking them first in everything you do rather than a show off of shame on the streets pretending to be identifying with them. For every sane Government, people’s welfare should be the prior focus.

We wanted standard welfarism but you faked us with the unnecessary Capital Projects. Lol., as usual, the capital projects are Automatic means for Capital Jibiti. It’s all well and good. 8years is done and dusted. We have learnt from our own mistake; I believe.

Nonetheless, we refuse to be intimidated. We stand against any form of imposition. I will therefore implore the governor to (please) ensure a free process come July. We are ready to make our choice and we would not be bamboozled.

It is quite amazing how the governor expects our calm when he isn’t putting things in order. Only some days ago online, reacting to his recent acts and ordeals of destroying houses and buildings in the state capital, his hungry foot soldiers with lack of foresight and already traded senses are of the opinion that we allow him demolishdemolitionofShanties.jpg more buildings so as to experience new development. Rubbish. Well, am not surprised; he who pays the piper, dictates the tune. Yeye dey smell.

One answer I would request the hungry soldiers to give is to why these ‘developments’ have to

be on the ‘die-est’ minutes of his reign? Edakun? Someone who cared less about the people and destroying with no compensations and master plan is about to proffer a new solution in his deputy governor come July. Indeed, this would be a continuity of falsehood and deceit.

Therefore, I put this question through to the good people of Ekiti: should we Vote once again for the dictator? Should we give Fayose another chance to stage his revenge? Then what have we done wrong to deserve this cruel punishment?

Civil servants’ salaries left unpaid? That’s none of his Business right?
How about the unpaid scholarship and bursary scheme serving as the major entitled stipends for students of the state.

What about the market men and women that do not have enough funds for their business and yet levelled with high tax rates? Oh! Why should we forget the collapse of the free education scheme both at the Primaries and Secondary level?


What about those in the state owned universities roaming the streets due to strike actions? Well, how will he feel that since his own children are not affected? Of course, it is the same reason why he feels no remorse about the youth unemployment rate.

So then why do we then celebrate poverty? Let’s shift this clueless man out of the game. Like Trump (building walls), Fayose is building bridges and new offices in the State when his people need adequate welfarism. How does this impact the stomach infrastructure he promised? What happened to the existing Buildings?

Do we need new office buildings when our parents’ works are at stake? A state so rich can’t boast of a company with lots of her youths jobless. Yet we are expected to be celebrating over new Governor Office Building. Where is the Sanity in that?

I also need the hungry foot soldiers to come and explain the value of the ‘over head bridge’ over unpaid salaries and arrears when we have never experienced a real traffic lock down on those Roads. Are we in Lagos?

Who will speak to the sense of some senseless youths in the State who have all the power and strength to change the game for their sake but still preaches continuity of suffering for a stipend? Too many questions right? Sorry to bug you. I’m just trying to prepare your mind against the forthcoming election.


Wisen up! Vote right. This is the time to send him parking. Enough is Enough. We’ve had enough of Fayose and his Team. Ekiti Kete. Jafforie this coming elections. Fight for your Head: whatever this means to you, DO!

Since it’s Obvious Fayose have nothing Good to offer again, let’s take him back home before he further dampens the dream.

Get your PVC and Vote him Out. Let’s Stand against Fayose’s third term bid through Eleka. For his Paid Agent. I know the truth will hit you hard Like Leprosy and you will call for my Head. Come out and show your Madness.

I’m John Ayokunle Funso Falodun (Jaff). A freelance writer, youth advocate and social reformer. A peace loving citizen and die hard Ekiti Stateman.

On a lighter node, based on one or two, #WeDieHere. I have Brain and I’m using It. Use yours.

Edited and Published on Muzzammilwrites,


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