‘Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will repay him for his deed’. Proverb 19:17

‘You are not yet a believer [in God and in His religion] until you want for your brother what you want for yourself’. Hadith 13 of An nawawi collections.

I started this write-up with quotes from unarguably the two most influential personalities that ever liveth. These are not just quotes but great parts in the philosophy of religion and socialisation. The personalities here mentioned have not only preached but practices the doctrine of charity and association. According to them, it is not fair enough to live a luxury life while your neighbour struggles.

We were enjoined to give not only by our religions but also by our culture and traditions. As far as I know, no standard culture forbids charity. Charity is the baine of togetherness. It fosters unity and promotes peace. Moreover, it heightens the status of the giver. A popular Yoruba adage reads: the hands of the giver remains top. This is to show the impact of generousity.

On this note, I seek to call your attention to a suffering community in Moro L.G.A in Kwara state, Nigeria. Omilende Community suffers lack of clean water. A community of over 250 resident have been drinking from a river that they the concomitantly bathe in for 28 years now.

Pathetic right?

Of course we all know the damage which the drinking of unclean water can cause to the system. Apart from cholera, diarrhea and other feverish ailment, unclean water breeds dirtiness and unsafe society.

It is on this plight that the Eagles Founation for Humanity (EFFH) has so initiate a campaign for a Safe Water Project for the people of Omilende in Moro L.G.A, Kwara state. From the account of the visit to the community last year as written by Afolabi Koyum Kolade via topiced My Omilende Story, it appears the people are expectant of a rapid turn around.

Thus, EFFH as a committed organisation is more than willing to achieve the goal of building a borehole for the community. This is a very good initiative and would bring back hope and life to the forgotten community.
However, this can only be possible with contributions from you and I. Yes, we need to participate in this charity programme to ensure a better living condition in this community. Nothing is relatively too small. The Foundation so far, have gotten a total sum of N233,000 for a N600,000 project. A total sum of N367,000 is still needed for the mission.

Just recently, one of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) Convener, Aisha Yesufu, recently donated the sum of N100,000 in contribition to the success of this project.
You too can partake. Support the course financially or humanly. Remember, ‘when it comes to charity, no effort is wasted’. You will surely get rewarded. It pays to give.

Account Details.



Account number: 1150038524

To know more about EFFH, visit:


Instagram: @eagles_ffh

Twitter: @eagles_ffh.

LegalEagles: +2348139578850.

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