Diezani Allison-Madueke

Musing through the trendings lately, I keep imagining how beauty could eventually become the beast. I mean: exactly what would indeed a normal human being ever need 13 Billion British Pounds (27 trillions of Naira) for in this limited world? if divided evenly across the nation’s equivocal population of 170,000,000 people, each person will get about N158 millions. In fact, she dint just steal our funds then: she stole our destiny.

She stole the National stadium, NNPC towers, 326 Peugeot cars, The American Embassy, Abuja Airport, Aso Rock villa, Road Safety vehicles, ship loads of dollars and pounds, Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Wuse Market, and even all the cows and goats in the neighbourhood… lol. According to Magu, she has humbled Abacha’s loot record. Hahaha… Ours is a country of unending drama. Diezani stole everything!



Could it have been that Diezani was a smooth criminal? A shrewd operator with deceptive smiles and pretty face. She silently killed the then president Jonathan admin. Hmmn… My dear readers, Beware of pretty women. They fit mar u.

Well, Diezani is not guilty yet; neither is she a saint. I am not one either! Saints live in Heaven. But I would love to see justice done to her and all those who pillaged and pulled down the system. Let every past and present thief face this heat of the fight against corruption.

If you must incarcerate Dasuki, you must probe the Jonathan who gives him orders and also the CBN governor who threw the safe doors open. In truth, it is an askew Anti-graft war. If you must probe PDP campaign funds, APC’s shouldnt be left out. Did they campaign with sand, cow dungs or waters from the River Nile?

Rivers state Governor, Nyesom Wike, set up a judicial panel of enquiry to probe the former governor, Rotimi Amaechi. Instead of facing the trial squarely, Amaechi ran to the court to stop his probe. Thank God he lost his case and was told to go back and clear himself. Billions of Naira developed wings from the vaults of Rivers state, the then governor is being accused. We were even shown a documentary of a stripped government house in Port Harcourt to back it. If you are innocent, why go to court to stop the probe? Why not face the case squarely, prove your innocence and shame your prosecutors?

Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti (the current Minister of Solid Minerals) operated similarly when Ayo Fayose (Governor of Ekiti) opened a probe on his administration. Fayemi ran to court like Amaechi too an was also told to go clear his name. Why should I be scared if I am innocent?

Apparently, there are many black feet in this supposed saint’s administration as there are also many low wolves. But because they are with the rulling in power, they have become immune. But Diezani is the only thief in Nigeria. Everything on earth has been stolen by Diezani including all the keke Napeps in Abuja suburbs. lol

Why are the big bad guys been getting coverings in this government? The petition against Rotimi Amaechi, Kayode Fayemi, Babatunde Fashola, Adams Oshiomole and co can fill a warehouse. They are merely gathering dusts in Efcc’s shelves across Nigeria.

The Efcc keep loosing high profile cases after initiating bogus claims in the media. But in court, their prosecutions melt like candle. Their investigations and
evidences are always watering and hollow. Easy for the accused to slip off. Well, as long as Judges do not base their judgments on emotions but on solid facts, the trend will continue.

Forging ahead, Where is the report of the SGF and his grass cutting contract scandal? What about Muiz Banire (APC legal advisor) who was accused of bribing a judge with half a million naira? Why is it that APC members (past and present) are walking free? They say Buhari is a man of integrity. Has the word “integrity” changed its meaning? Dig history and you will find out how Jerry
Rawlings clipped those who wrecked Ghana. His friends and relations were not spared.

If those who funded the emperor’s campaign are saints, who are the sinners? Meanwhile, this Diezani melodrama should continue. I am enjoying all of it.

Is she innocent? I can swear she is not. But Should she be extradited from UK to face trial here? No! If it is true that She is also being investigated in the UK and US, let her stay there and face her prosecutions. If they establish a prima facie case against her, fine and good. Over there in

Yonder, the law barks and bites. But Here in Nigeria, it only barks at the rich and bites the poor. Like Cobwebs; they are too weak to hold the strong. The strong too are also eager to rope the weak in defence.

In conclusion, if you are planning to be a criminal in Nigeria, try getting rich first by all means. Trust me, it’s a strong base.

Written by Comrade Okhifo Oscar.
Edited and Published on Muzzammilwrites.



  1. I will keep on saying it over and over again for all to hear – in private with friends when the emotionally-laden issue of the war against corruption comes up for discussion and on the roof top, the ‘clean and the tainted’ – that the war against corruption cannot be fought and won in 4 or maybe 8 years, if APC under Buhari remains in power, but that the fight has started should not be in doubt at all, and that’s good news to people like me and millions of other Nigerians who suffered terribly under this yoke.
    Mark my word, the war against corruption will continue with a greater fervor when Buhari and some of his itchy fingered henchmen would have left the scene, my only prayer is that may we, the victims, live to see that day.
    Let Buhari and Magu do their own bit and the generation of Nigerians who will be more determined and devoted to fighting corruption will continue the fight.
    I am not predicting the future o like our Pastors who are merchandising the word of God through their predictions are doing in order to draw attention to themselves and to be relevant.


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