preparing for ramadan.

Assalam aleikum waramotulahi wabarakatuhu: May the peace, mercies and blessings of Allah be upon you. In the name of Allah, the Most beneficient the merciful; all praise and adoration is due to Him alone. Indeed, we are very grateful to Him for sparing our lives to see beyond yesterday. May His Protection never cease over us.

‘o ye who believe, fasting has been decreed on you just like it is on the people before you so that you may be righteous’

Need we once again be reminded that the month of Shaban is gradually approaching its end? This categorically means that the Glorious Month of Ramadan is fast knocking on our doors. May Allah (SWT) preserve us in faith and health to witness it, amen.

If we must be reminded, Shaban (the month of the prophet) avails some wonderful opportunities. The prophet (SAW) has said that he that fasts the at least three (3) in each thirds of the month, is assumed to have served God for 70 years. The grace is still available as the month ends in a week.

Well, Ramadan’s virtues, mercies and opportunities is not novel to us anymore. It is a compulsory pillar of the religion as all Muslims (except those excluded) are mandated to do so. The fasting is prescribed to believers so that we may stay righteous. If well carried out, It cleanses the souls and purifies the heart. shall subsequently feed us on the benefits, opportunities and recommendations about the best month of the year. Hence, I advice us all to prepare well for this bounty by checking this 8 boxes before it starts: 

  1. Make sure you repay your carry-overed fasts from last year: Some of us missed some fasts in the last Ramadan due to some legit reasons or the other. If your reasons are those that require you to pay them back, don’t hesitate to do so. Start the month with a clean slate to avoid lump ups.
  2. Perfect your recitations: The month of Ramadan is the month of Tilawatul Qur’an (recitation of the Quran). In fact, whoever is able to complete at least a cycle of its recitation within the month has a bountiful reward. Therefore, don’t be left out! Start preparing for your trophy before the tournaments kicks off. There’s still time. Meet your Mualim or Mallam; learn about those araf that pose you challenges too. Do muraja too. Mmemorizing the surahs will do you favors too. You will need them during qiyamulayl.
  3. Medical Check-up: Go for a medical check-up. Treat your ailments and make sure you are fit for the tournament. Don’t be part of those that feign sickness to stay away from fasting. Such a person is not deceiving his Creator; he is deceiving but himself. Allahu alam.
  4. Train yourself for Tahajud prayers: Tahajud prayers are those long rakahs of solat we observed on the nights of the months. Get used to tahajud so you won’t be among those that will chicken out after the first 3 or 4 rakah. Moreover, this prayer is very optional though. It is allowed to observe the learnt in which you can stand.
  5. Discipline Yourself: Start monitoring your food intakes. If you cant stand 3 hrs without taking something, then you should begin to work on that already. Ramadan is from dawn to dusk.
  6. AVOID ALCOHOL : it’s a sin yesterday, today and tomorrow, not only in Ramadan. Alcohol renders your 40 days solah useless whenever you take them. So imagine what effect it will have on your 30 days fasting. Subhanallah.
  7. Stock your Kitchen with food stuff: for easy7 of access, the father is required to provide food stuffs for iftar and sahur for the family. Within the limited time, families had better atarted preparing for these. May Allah make it easy for us. Bachelors are also not left out.
  8. Learn more about Ramadan: Certainly, there will be more sittings and gathering of knowledge prior to and during Ramadan. The jumat services and assalat grounds are examples. Consult your Imams and Mallams on what to and what not to do during Ramadan. Ask questions about unclear or unknown rulings. You can’t afford to waste your effort. May Allah accept it as an act of Ibadah.

Above all, every good deed done in the month of Ramadan is rewarded in multiple folds. Congratulations once again to all Muslims for this privilege. Alhamdulilah. May Allah preserve us to see more and more of this month. Asalam Alaikum once again to you and your household.




  1. Waalaykum salaam warahmatullah, may Allah continue guide us aright n increase u in knowledge. May Allah accept all we do as an act of ibadah. Pls try as much as possible to always add references when quoting from Qur’an and Hadith so as to make it easy for us to learn more privately. Jazakumullahu khairan


pls., i will sincerely appreciated your views about the above excerpt in the comment box below.

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