I will strike back

When am right back

Fighting back

To get my right back


Enough of the barking,

I really want to bite.

A lion which have been starving

Attacks anything at sight


My silence

Is about to metamorphose into violence

Invested in you all hopes

But no dividends

Striving to remind you of this

But not privileged


Now, I am taking no chances,

Your words, your actions, your agendas and motives

Are so inauspicious


Be gone! 

It is high time the new era began.

Sapheads in leadership,

All hopes are dead,

All dreams shattered,

Ambitions stabbed,

Destiny swapped,

All goals sapped.


Castigations shall not sieze until

The future commences,

Even if my pens are dried,

My bloods aren’t

And even if I die

My soul wouldn’t

And I shall continue to fight

Until I rectify this damage

Thus, in the future

I see my image.



By Ola-lawal Mu’azzu Abolaji (Holyhead).

A student of Law at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria.


2 thoughts on “LYRICAL VENDETTA (A POEM)

  1. This is nice and creative but I mean, you’re being poetic, you should be mindful of grammatical construction. “My bloods aren’t”, really? “My blood isn’t” is better and it still rhymes. “A lion which has been starving, attacks anything in sight”. Generally, it’s a good poem. This is just a critique.

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pls., i will sincerely appreciated your views about the above excerpt in the comment box below.

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