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The Lagos state applicants of the N-power scheme are lamenting the conditional delay and un functionality in scheme. The applicants, having been screened and shortlisted back in December 2016, are entitled to N30,000 monthly allowance each. With the mini success of the scheme so far, applicants across the country are beginning to reap their fruits of their handwork. But surprisingly, the Lagos state section of the scheme is yet to take off in earnest. Since late December till date, it has been series of excuses from the Agency. The participants are yet to be verified and deployed for assignments. This prompted a constructive protest to the State House of Assembly in Alausa by the applicants later last month.

Image result for npower lagos scheme images
participants protest in January

In a peaceful manner, the protesters were able to pass their message as to know why and when the scheme will fully take off sometime in January. According to reports, The Speaker, Rt. Hon Mudashiru Obasa, together with some other members witnessed the protest. The protesters are of the feeling that the promising scheme has been hijacked by some unfortunate fellow within the scheme. A Petition was written and forwarded to the State Houser of assembly to that effect. Reacting to the petition, Hon. Tunde Braimoh, Chairman, House Committee on Information and Strategy has described the situation as “appalling, embarrassing and flabbergasting” also urging that the House look carefully into the issue and possibly instigate a probe.

With effect, the House invited the State Coordinator of the Lagos scheme, Mrs Shola Falana. In the company of the Honorable commisser of Women affairs and Poverty alleviation, Mrs Lola Akande, the state co-ordinator asserted that the participants would begin to enjoy the benefits of the scheme at the end of the month (January). The Speaker, Mr Mudashiru Obasa, however, urged the coordinator to ensure that Lagos State is not short-changed while carrying out the directive of the Federal Government and to also make sure that applicants from the state receive paid the December and January stipends.

Disappointingly, nothing specific was done to the effect as the participants are still stranded and hoping for a productive turn around. It is however sardonic to observe that a scheme that is designed to uplift the unemployed youth ids further damping the hopes and aspirations of the youth.

As a suggestion for way forward, this cataclysmic occurrence should not just be overlooked. Awareness should be raised once again about this non functionality in the Lagos scheme. According to reports, other states are already getting paid and rendering services. Recall that Lagos state has the highest number of applicants with over 11,000 applicants. If the scheme isn’t successful in Lagos, then it is all trash. If possible, another protest should be staged by the applicants this time capturing not just the attention of the State House of Assembly but also the Federal Government. A social media trend can also go a long way in reaching far and wide before some unfortunate underground alligators will maneuver and hijack the scheme as usual.

Tell the world that #NPOWERLagosIsNotFunctional #NPOWERLAGOSUNFUNCTIONAL







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