“Give Me One Thing That I have Said That Is Not True” — Lai Mohammed Warns ‘Lie’ Monikers.

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Minister of Informationand Cultur — Lai Mohammed.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has called out on those that toying around his name to desist or prove him wrong. It has become a regular fond for social media users to coin the first name of the Honourable Minister from ‘Lai’ to ‘Lie’ indicating that he gives untrue information about issues. The Minister has however warned  in his comment during a visit to DAAR Communication Plc in Abuja on Friday. Moreover, the Minister further stated that he accepts such comments as part of the price to pay for serving the nation diligently. .

“People just have a mindset that whatever Lai Mohammed says cannot be true, but nobody has ever come out to say that I said `Y’ and it was `Z’ that happened.

“For me, I will remain focused because it is a price you pay for serving your country.

“I also see this as a deliberate strategy to whittle me down, but I must remain focused and will not be distracted,’’ he said.

Mr. Mohammed said that some people found it difficult to separate him from “Lai Mohammed as All Progressive Congress (APC) spokesperson and Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information’’.

“I believe sincerely that the last election was fought very bitterly and I was largely the face of the party and I kept asking them to fight me on facts, not on emotions.”.

The Minister also challenged anyone in this act to lay facts to things he might have said that aren’t true.

“Give me one thing that I have said which is not true”. He said.  

As a defense, the Minister also recalled in an insicident when he journalists on tour to the troubled North east later last year, where he categorically told the world that Boko Haram have been ‘technically defeated’.  Laying claims to the fact that people hadly believed him when he said that. But now, everyone can see in the real light how the Boko Haram war is being gradually won. All territories previously under the control of this dreaded gang have already been re occupied by the Nigerian Government.Image result for lai mohammed daar images

He also told the press how he led a team, just recently, to the Sambisa forest to confirm there isn’t any more trace of the Boko Haram terrorists.

“However, when you are fighting insurgency, it is not like regular war that you win at once, there will still be suicide bombing.

“There will still be ambush but that does not mean that we have not won the war,’’ he added.


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