keffi%20r%201Health, they say, is wealth and obviously a cleaner environment keeps unwanted diseases away. Moreover, Richard Rogers (a British Architect) once said that ‘the only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved’. This notion had propelled the Corp members in the Environmental protection and sanitation CDS group in Keffi local government of nasarawa state on 11th March, 2016 to stage an organized rally within the community to sensitise the dwellers, travelers and indigenes of their host community, keffi.

The rally came at a time when the trending haemoragic viral infection, lassa fever, claimed the life of a fellow Corp member and medical doctor (Kelechi Ogboji) who served in St. Lious Hospital in Zonkwa in Zango Kalaf LGA of Kaduna state. He contacted the disease from one of his patients whom he attended to. Therefore, the rally was to serve a double-ended mission: to sensitise the community about healthy and clean environment and to sympathise with the relations of the deceased.

The rally was so organized that it involved all other cds groups in keffi. CDS groups like Editorial and publicity, Reproductive health, FRSC, Mdg’s, Dmg and so on. All corp members turned up en masse for the epoch making rally. The rally train moved from the Keffi LGA secretariat at about 10:30am. Corp members walked through the streets, from household to household, community to community, sensitizing and educating the people with placards and pamphlets carrying images, lassa precaution and preventive measures and safety tips.

The corp members serving in the federal medical center (FMC), keffi were not also left out. They also carried out a massive malaria prevention campaign with informative and enlightening placards.

The team moved from the secretariat through the street into the Federal Medical Center then till the Emir’s palace where they were welcomed and entertained; infront of the palace.

In addition, the corp members from the federal medical center, keffi distributed treated mosquito nets to the people to safeguard them against mosquito bites and malaria. After the exercise, corp members were tired and exhausted the joy of accomplishment took over their mood. They still found time to pose to camera in different styles and swag. Indeed, nothing can be sweeter than community service. We are proud to be part of this.

In all, the rally (which was the first of its kind in the community) was a huge success. The indigenous villagers, passer-by, dwellers and even the travelers got sensitized on the need to keep an healthy environment to ward of diseases. The rally was tagged ‘keep keffi clean of lassa’ is a selfless and committed service and we wish it continues until keffi is fully sensitized.


pls., i will sincerely appreciated your views about the above excerpt in the comment box below.

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