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Nigerian Lawmakers scaling the NASS fence

With the way my fellow brother and sisters in the ‘youth industry’ are criticizing (as usual) the president’s #ministerialList, I think I have been forced to talk.

But before I proceed, isnt it this same Nigerians that voted for change? Are they not the the same set of people that were backing every Buhari’s appointments just last month? So why the sudden change? Well, I know quite well the reason for the change. Una sef want ministerial portfolio abi? No problem, but lemme just remind you sey ‘na hand wey work na im dey chop o!’. Tor!

Back to the matter at hand, we (youth) have resumed again to our regular game of criticism. The one game no other age bracket plays better than us. Infact, I think the present administration should endeavour to create for us a Ministry of Criticism. Maybe then we will have our share of the ministerial cake. But as it stands, am sorry if you think am wrong, we don’t deserve any of the ministry on ground. Ask me why and I will give you reasons.

The first reason, just as I have said in pidgin above, is that ‘you cant reap from what you did not sow. There is no way you will climb the ladder of success with your two hands in your pocket. The truth is we always want success cheap. We are not ready to struggle real length for success. Yet we criticize the successful. Let me ask you a question; when this old men were busy delivering their respective states and region to the president in the 2015 polls, where were we? Shebi we were here on this regular platform (social media) helping them count their gains. We sat at home watching T.V while they were at the war front risking their lifes and integrity. Till date, some of them haven’t recovered well from the clash. Many of them are paying the price by being scapegoats of justice. So many of them have been witch-hunted by both the tribunal and the judiciary. Did you ask yourself why no youth have been vindicated so far? Ok, that’s none of your business shebi? U just sit at home and start making memes of them in the dock. U sha want the ministerial slot but you aint ready to pay the price. Don’t be a coward bro.

The youth of today have been brainwashed and made to believe that nothing good comes out of politics. Infact, ‘politics is a dirty game’. But by the time these dirty old men begin to reap the dirty fruits, these same youth will want to have a taste of the dirty juice of the fruit. Why not join in and see how crusty the field is. You prefer to watch them win and afterwards you ponce on them for the share of the battle gains u never worked for in the first instance. They are not fools. All we see is a serve of justice and reward for hardwork.

Am sorry, if you will be offended with this article. But I cannot join your course on this issue at the moment. If you think the FG has done wrong for excluding or not including any Nigerian below the 35yrs age bracket on the list, then I think you will have to go alone for now. Because, as it stands, I am yet to see any youth within that age (including myself) bracket worthy of my shouts. May be you’ve found one though. No problem, but be sure to confirm that that person is

i. productive
ii. in one way or the other, contributive to the nation’s development.
iii. has a proven integrity
and above all,
iv. be willing and ready to serve.

‘willing and ready to serve’ in the sense that it is one thing to have the technical knowhow, it is another to be productive in your field. It is also another important thing to be willing to apply your productivity to other pressing areas like politics and nation building. For instance, you can be a Mark Zukerberg in your field. But if you aint willing to show your interest in the political lane, no one will see you not to talk of nominating you. Youths of today are scared of going into politics but want the gains of politicians.

The truth is we are not ready and we are not even ready to encourage the ready people to feel ready. I remember it was on this same social network that this same set of youth ridiculed, insulted and criticized the likes of Desmond Elliot, 9ice, tetuilla and some others for showing their readiness. Where have you led them today? We killed their ready spirit you know. Now we want our slot in the political mainstream. A slot we have long denied.

I don’t know what pleasure we so much gain from criticism. Probably it is for the blatant fun of it. We criticize unnecessarily, we can even criticize Adam for agreeing to leave Eden sef. Una no go let sleeping dog lie. We sha wan make our handle blow. We want to get over a thousand retweets, favs and mentions. So we tweet for mere trending sake. Well, it is no big deal as long as you are known for good reasons. Let me ask you another question, have you ever made attempt at trending solutions the same way you trend criticisms? Ok. You left that aspect for the old men to handle right? Yet u want @mbuhari and @bukolasaraki to see how productive and willing you are and make you ministers shebi? Sidon dey look me.

These old men are busy proffering solutions to life troubling issues in your life while you pounce on to twitter, on the slightest case of corruptions in their files, to trending irrelevant issues about them. As if sey una sef be saint fa, dem no kukuma send you. Na person wey dey inside dock una wan see (jobless people).

The most annoying thing is that eve within the political party structures, we have designated Youth wings whose main aim is to either secure a job for themselves or get their share of the bag of rice. They don’t show interest in decision or policy making of their party. Probably, they have left that aspect for the elders to handle. Theses elders then become the sole decision makers and so they have more access to the higher placed politicians of the parties. What then do you expect? For them to leave their own pressing issues and attend to yours? You must be jokingly joking. Don’t worry, sidon dey look, those elders will soon become commissioners and you will still be static in your ward in your ward like stagnant water. Day dreamer!

Shebi you are contempted being their thugs and ‘boi-boi’? why then are you crying over spilled milk now? Oh! Ok, you want to drag ministerial appointment with that your Godfather right? Keep being his loyal dog now or are you already feeling cheated? But don’t forget that that man secured a job for you at the Local Government Secretatariat. He also gave you a bigger share of that bag of rice o. when you needed that big loan from that microfinance bank, he stood as your guarantor. So, I will advice you don’t revolt. Let him have his way. Don’t worry, he will remember you with some change when he gets there (isnt that what you wanted). Or do you want him to withdraw all those privileges you enjoy? It pays to be a loyal Godson, u know? Rubbish!

Now, I need you to convince me on reasons why I should join your chant for a youth below the 35yrs age bracket to be on the ministerial list when it is obvious we dug our ourselves this deep. Until we stop being foolish, nobody is ready to ‘wisen’ us. No one is ready to give us that chance. We just have to change our orientation. We have to do the right thing then stand firmly for what we want. We need to;

I. Stop being a zombie (boi-boi) kind of person. There is limit to the level of loyalty.

II. Be a political activist and not a political thug. You are also educated and wise enough to follow your instincts and not another old man’s.

III. With every possible chance you get, contribute and trend your meaningful and significant quota to the development of your environment till the federal level. Don’t wait for them to do it. You can also do it.

Don’t just wait for the government to do something for, think of what you can do to correct or replace some of these bad policies on ground. At least, its one of the reasons why you were sent to schools. Don’t wait until you are minister before you apply those knowledge.

Above all, try to be remembered among patriots for doing something great. Then afterwards, you can start talking about being minister or even president. This is my submission.

Ola-lawal Muzzamil Oladayo (O.M.D) is a freelance creative writer who uses his write-sense to correct anomalies in the society. He is the C.E.O of The Muzzammilwrites initiative @ muzzammilwrites.com . He is a graduate of the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.


pls., i will sincerely appreciated your views about the above excerpt in the comment box below.

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