It’s over one hundred (100) days after the abduction of the innocent Chibok secondary school ladies and, from all indications, it’s looking more like they wont be found even in another hundred days more. Many thanks to the President (the Commander-in-chief of the Nigerian armed forces),President GEJ for driving us down this messy lane. Much ado to our ever understanding polythene-cians for finding the grace to play all those dirty and wise politics on such a trivial issue. Alas! The future they say is near. Even the youth are refusing to heed the clarion call. Maybe it will take an old messiah to save ‘these’ country; maybe it will take the arrival of Jesus himself. Or maybe the presence of king Solomon will.

The point is that we are always feigning be together even when it is so visible to the blind how diversified we are. The North is gorgeously refusing to co-exist with the South and, like in ‘the second coming’, the Center refuses to hold. Maybe we need to retrace our steps, maybe we need to clear those careless previous footprints we have took. Well, that’s not the point now. The point is that some innocent school children were kidnapped some 4months ago by a known terrorist group and yet we all (I mean we all) are folding our arms. Some innocent Nigerians are in the bush with fierce less terrorist and we are all here making cheap stories around it. While some idiots *permit me to use the word*are busy building their political stance, some have refused to believe that there are any missing girls anywhere. Maybe or maybe not: the point is that no rigid steps have even been taking by those ‘no missing girls’ crooner to debunk the missing girls reports. It’s more or less like a sense of jeopardy on the menace.

While all these go on, the cruel terrorist group had all the freedom it needs to do whatever they like. Uploading videos on youtube to express their commitment to the fight of their unknown course and also to officially claim series of their attacks on innocent Nigerians. Had they been fishing the guilty ones, maybe no one will have course to complain. They had even gone to the extent of displaying their cruel acts via this media. The same media that is as a result of the western education they detest. The fact is these people have gained grounds enough to be boastful. Thanks to the Nigerian government in its totality (from the 1999 government till date) for their lackadaisical attitude towards security challenges.

According to the president himself, ‘if there is one administration that is committed to ending terrorism in Nigeria; it is my administration’. This I would have even po-faced with if not for his sluggish ineffective approach to solving the solution. Permit me to include that there response to the stimuli of the matter is relatively low. The GEJ admin, with all prejudice, had so far displayed so much committal. There plans seem catchy and solving but like a heavily loaded tanker, It lack speed and promptness. An administration that should lead a nation as strong as Nigeria should not be so slow to decision making. At such, should be agile, at alert and rigid always. This is no mission to blackmail the GEJ government, but it is to serve as a mere reminder to what must be done. Just like the dear Malala had done some days back.

Mr. President needs to be proactive also in administrative matters. He should attempt issues like a real commander that he is. We know how smart and calculative he can be when it comes to political issues. At least, we have seen how proactive he is when he *suspended Sanusi and appointed someone else under 2hrs; how he salvaged being the president to attend to PDP conventions or how he managed to interfere ‘tortoisely’ in the Rivers state politics to mention but a few. Well, I know the president isn’t involved in any of those recent activities of impeachment all over but if he isn’t courteous, the same predicament might be of his’.

With all respect, I believe we have all it takes to combat this terrorist group if only we will make use of them, we need not borrow about a billion dollar to get what we already have. Come to think of it, our Military is one of the best (if not the best) in Africa. This can be proven from their series of peace keeping activities all tour Africa. Boko Haram maybe affiliated to Al-Qaeda, it is still an African grown and based terrorist group. So why will the “best” military squad in Africa be incapable of taming an African based terrorist group even with rigid external support from super powers like the U.S and China? Why? Maybe we are supposed to believe that there is something really fishy somewhere. The U.S intelligents had asserted that the Nigeria military is refusing to feed them with relevant and required information to carry out their mission. Who knows why this is also so.

The fact that we know them and where they inhabit but cant still do nothing for over a 100 days and more baffles me. My mum will always ask me to stop comparing the Nigerian system with the U.S but on this issue I can but draw an analogy. Perhaps, I need your reactions as well. Is it possible for the U.S not to be able to act in a kind of similar scenario? Without prejudice, Nigeria shouldn’t be belittled. She has enough technical know-how and resources. Why she hasn’t acted is more concern.

I thought of all of this and I had to make conclude on the basis that perhaps I have a chicken brain to have thought of all of these possibilities where there is none. But my greatest concern now, however, is with the abducted girls. Only God knows what the hell they will be going through right now.

If this is an abduction or kidnap like we are thinking it is, let’s come to think of it. Kidnappers won’t waste this much of a time before they would name their ransom. Boko haram hasn’t and they won’t as it stance; only God knows what they are fighting for. However, I don’t think it is that easy to feed over 200 girls daily for 100 days *without bankrupting*. If these girls haven’t been distributed all around the coast of Africa, like it had been rumored. If they are all still together in that forest, then am beginning to think these ugly people have more in stock for us.
This reminds me of the prophet (S.A.W) on how new behaviors are developed. For there to be a change or a new development in one’s behavior, one needs to have been in the act for, at least, 21 days. Now let’s try to imagine grooming 234 girls for over 5x 21 days. Imagine living and dining with terrorists for over 5x 21 days, imagine them training these girls for over 5x 21 days. Now let’s imagine the kind of girls we want to have back. I just hope we won’t have 234 changed girls scattered all over country (feigning to be holy but changed) serving as spy for these criminals. These are thoughts that have begun to give me sleepless nights and lazy days since the past few days. Because it is rare to still have our #real girls back after over 100 days. Maybe we should starting thinking like a chessman will. Let the GEJ administration put on their rested thinking caps. Let’s all begin to think things right.

Indeed, boko haram is our proven enemy and we all need to fight it out. Make sure you always stay cautious, at alert and contributing (to the struggle).


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pls., i will sincerely appreciated your views about the above excerpt in the comment box below.

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