ASSU Strike: Another Episode from the Show of Shame

In my opinion, ASUU (like every other pressure groups in Nigeria) has crippled the meaning and efficacy of industrial action. As it stands, there seem to a clear difference between ‘strike’ and ‘industrial action’ in this country. Strike has grown and evolved into evolving series and episodes of the same storyline--Show of Shame.  A show characterizing greedy politicians and needy professionals with attempts to hold the country to a total lockdown. ASUU has just produced another, it’s time for the poor and innocent students to hit the cinemas.

Wild-her-ness: A Poem

She is so young and Wild; Free and Restless. She lives in the dark room; Doing cracks and shits. She's shattered and it's crystal clear. Her Heart can't take it no more. . So she said she'd give up soon. She gradually broke down. Depressed sad young female standing in a dark tunnel And there … Continue reading Wild-her-ness: A Poem

Tribes and Culture: The Urhobo Community of South-south Nigeria

The Urhobo is the major ethnic group in Delta State, Nigeria. They speak Urhobo, a language in the Niger-Congo group. The Isoko and Urhobo are related in language and culture, leading to the missionaries erroneously labeling both peoples as Sobo. This name has been strongly rejected by both tribes. The Urhobo nation is made up of twenty two sub-groups, including Okpe which is arguably the largest of all Urhobo sub-groups. The Urhobos are noted for having their own unique style of speaking the Nigerian Pidgin English.

Limitless: Transcend Your Disability

You probably have also thought about how blind people cope without sight. As important and sensitive as the eyes can be, it often amazes me how certain individuals survive this busy world without it. In attempts to answer these questions, Eagles Foundation for Humanity (EFFH) met with some blinds and their helpers and inquired into their mode of survival. Findings revealed that living without sight can be so isolating and terrifying if the needed care, support and attention aren’t provided.

Death Sentence on Blasphemy: The Legality of the Shar’iah Court’s Judgement

Nigeria is an entity situated in a multifaceted society where cultural, religious and social propagation are largely welcomed and constitutionally endorsed. This unassailable factor (of course) reflects further in our legal system so much so that it has bequeathed the country with a pluralistic legal system. Hence, the influence of the cultural and religious practices (which includes Shari’ah) cannot be overshadowed in our legal system. Thanks to antecedents – from which various statutes were enacted. Two of which include the Kano State Shari’ah Penal Code Law and Shari’ah Penal Code that the Kano State Upper Shari’ah Court based its decision and sentencing. This article shall sail on the voyage of the legality of the court decision vis-à-vis the Nigerian legal system.

NDDC Probe: Akpabio Grilled; Pondei Collapsed

The session started with the Chairman of the House Committee, Hon. Olubumi Tunji-Ojo, recusing himself from presiding the panel as suggested by the Acting MD, Prof. Pondei, for fairness and transparency. The MD implied such and staged a walkout on the committee last Thursday claiming that the Chairman can't be a judge in his own case. To that effect, the Vice-Chairman of the Committee immediately took charge.

Ending the Incessant Rape Culture in Nigeria: A Way Forward

Rape is fast becoming an epidemic in the country with series of allegations and counter allegations (reported and unreported) flying across the media space. The recent case of a brutally molested 22-year-old student, Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, leading to her death have added to the expanding rate of existing cases. The police have so far launched an investigation into the incident to bring the culprits to book. No doubt, this issue is begging for serious attention. To stop these, all hands must be not only on deck but also remain busy above board. These immoral act is hitting deep into our value system and we all need to ensure there is a stop to it.