Fiction: A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 10)

With Tinuke’s latest revelation, silence, confusion and bewilderment overtook the atmosphere. Pandemonium took control. Everyone seems to be shaking their heads without uttering a word. It seems the story is beginning to take a different turn now. Is Bolaji really innocent? Read also: Fiction: A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 9) “I never knew you had a … Continue reading Fiction: A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 10)

NPFL Resumes: Results and Highlights

This Sunday, 3rd November 2019, the most interesting league on the African continent resumes after so much anticipation. Lobi stars won it the last season and are determined to jealously defend their title again. However, they will have to slug it out with other top teams in the league like Kano Pillars, Rangers Fc, Enyimba, … Continue reading NPFL Resumes: Results and Highlights

Fiction: A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 9)

Eventhough Bolaji still cannot remember what exactly his room looks like, he has doubts that this one he was in is definitely not his. Could he have been this rough and unkempt? What is that foul smell too? Has he been living in inordinacy? if so, why so much love and respect from everyone? He felt there is something his friends are not saying yet. He silently cursed them for it immediately but still seeks not to remain in the dark anymore.

Fiction: A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 7)

Bolaji has finally been arraigned before a judge who looks very mean and determined to send him to jail. Every evidence tendered before the court indicted him. His clueless lawyer could not even help him. In the words of the judge, “Mr. Bolaji is now sentenced to death having been found guilty of the offence of murder”. The courtroom lost order and his well wishers kept screaming his name: “Bolaji! Bolaji!! Booolaaajiii!!!” while the Police officers whisked him away into the black maria van. He resisted movement and tried to be smart but the heavy slap that landed on his cheek did not only dilute his turbulence, but also sent him back to...

Fiction: A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 6)

Meanwhile, Officer Titus and Officer James sequel to Officer Theo’s order are back to the vicinity where the body was found, hoping to get some information that would foster the progress of the case. They were casually dressed in mufti to avoid being suspected. Their disguise helps them gist freely with residents like busy bodies constituting nuisance to every discussion they encounter just to get the information they need. They soon found themselves in a newspaper joint. 

Fiction:A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 4)

The day was already trouble-filled; from the hospital down to the hostel. And then to crown it up, was the police drama. Shola, Bayo and Kunle were tired and hoping it wont get any worse when they get to the police station. Ofcourse, they believe it was definitely a wrong arrest. The police sucks at … Continue reading Fiction:A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 4)

Fiction: A Jolly Good Fellow (Episode 2)

Bolaji has just recovered from a serious attack. He was rushed into this hospital by his gyrating friends at the party some days ago. He was soaked in blood and fully unconscious. It happened that some notorious gang attacked and stole every of the valuables on him when he went out to receive Motara's call. They left him for dead that night. This had left him unconscious for a while now and everyone has been hoping to see him alive again.